Use cases

Currently, we are offering CareForm only for Clinics, for example, aesthetic medicine, dental clinic.



Use cases

Aesthetic Medical Clinic

Dental Clinic

Orthopedic Clinic

CareForm will help clinics to digitalize and automate the treatment flow, enables clinics to provide better care resulting in improved efficiency and improved customer satisfaction.  CareForm takes the customer (patient) journey to the next level, it provides a new channel to acquire new customers, engagement and retain the customers. Our customer analytics module gives deep insights into your customers.

Treatment lifecycle with CareForm

1. Appointment

User books an appointment via the app. (Digital)

2. Triage

The user submits answers to the triage questions via the app. (Digital)

3. Video consultation

The doctor can have a video consultation before the procedure. (Digital)


CareForm automatically sends pre-care instructions to the user before the procedure. (Automatic)

5. Procedure

User books an appointment via the app. (Digital)

6. Aftercare

CareForm Automatically sends aftercare instructions (Automatic)

7. Recovery management

CareForm automatically tracks the recovery of the user. (Automatic)

8. Follow-up appointment

CareForm automatically sends notifications reminders to book follow-up appointments.

Treatment lifecycle with CareForm


CareForm helps the clinics attract new customers, helps to generate more leads with existing customers.


Our apps help the clinic to better engage with the customer.

superior care

CareForm enable clinics to better care in terms of pre-care, aftercare, and recovery management.


CareForm help clinics to retain customers with features like automatic follow-up appointment