CareForm is a cloud-based, AI-powered digital healthcare platform for healthcare providers.


Using our platform, healthcare providers can quickly and cost-effectively launch digital healthcare services.


Our apps provide a personal experience for patients, customizable and are integrated with smartphones & smart wearables.

Time booking

Patients would be able to book both physical appointments and video appointments.
CareForm Booking system is flexible, healthcare providers can configure the booking system according to their needs.
Our calendar can easily be integrated with other booking systems.

Smart Triage

In CareForm, healthcare providers can define the questions from the backend. It would enable healthcare providers to get important patient info beforehand. Triage answers could be text, checkboxes, radio choice, picture, or video.

  • Define your questions from the backend
  • Change them from the backend on the fly.

Content Pages

Healthcare providers can define and update the content in real-time, for example about treatments, descriptions, or any other information that they want to share. Content helps healthcare providers better engage with patients. Healthcare can define categories and subcategories of the content.




CarefForm provides secure options for communication between the clinic and its patients.

  • Secure communication
  • Patients can have an on-demand video call with doctor or Staff
  • Patients can chat with doctors or staff
  • Clinics can configure private security settings, such as who can initiate the call.
  • HIPAA compliant

Integration with smart devices



CareForm is integrated with smart devices such as smartphones, smartwatches, and voice assistants.

CareForm is integrated with Android Health Kit and iOS Health kit so that our platform can continuously monitor real-time health information from the smartwatches and smart wearables.

CareForm is integrated with a voice assistant so that clinics can perform triage over voice assistants (Google Home Alexa).

Secure Login



CareForm is integrated with secure login protocols such as OAuth.

CareForm is integrated with the following national electronic identification systems

– BankId (Sweden)